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Welcome to HYKK Solutions Limited

HYKK Solutions is a B2B company based in the UK, offering comprehensive RFID support, knowledge, and development services to clients across various industries.  Holding BOSIET / OPITO 5750 & 5301 certifications, our expertise spans both onshore and offshore environments and we are dedicated to providing a reliable international service.

Our RFID Service:

  • RFID Consultancy: Expert listening and guidance to help you leverage RFID technology for your business needs.
  • RFID Solution Support: Comprehensive support for implementing and maintaining RFID systems.
  • RFID Product Development: RFID tailored to your specific requirements.
  • RFID Integration: Supporting existing or delivering new RFID system integration.
  • RFID & Visual Tag Personalisation: Customised tagging solutions to meet your unique identification needs.
    • Laser Marking: Precision laser marking services for clear human readable tags.
    • CNC Engraving: High-quality engraving for accurate and long-lasting visual marking.
  • Machine Services (Legacy EOL): *Phasing out stage*

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